A Door and Lock - One Call Does It All

Home Security

Home is our safe haven. It provides shelter, warmth and protection. It is a place where we watch our children grow up. It is a place where we find comfort. It protects our possessions, but more importantly it protects us and our precious family members. But is it as safe as we think?

A Dream - Shattered
  • Every 13 seconds a home is burglarized.
  • In over half of all residential burglaries, entry is gained through a door.
  • 85% of break-ins are committed by non-professional burglars, who are usually desperate and dangerous individuals.
  • Half of all burglaries occur during the day.

Good quality doors and windows combined with good locks are your first line of defense against a break-in. Don't let your dreams be shattered by something as basic as inferior locks.

Think of all the people who have access to your house keys:
  • Your auto mechanic
  • Babysitter
  • Valet parking or parking lot attendants
  • Cleaning service

If you have a normal key, they could take it to any of the thousands of places that will duplicate keys. Without being asked for any identification, any of these people could effortlessly have a copy of your house key. You'd never know what hit you.

But not if you have a Medeco key.

Medeco offers utility patented key control. Keys are only available to authorized Medeco dealers, who follow strictly enforced legal procedures when making copies of your key. They must positively match your identification and keep records of every key cut. So only Medeco security professionals can copy your key, and only with your permission. With Medeco, you don't have to worry that someone has a key (that you didn't know about) that will unlock your door.

High security locks are quite different from those sold through most retail stores. They provide better physical security and provide ways to keep others from making copies of your keys without your permission.

Medeco's high security locks incorporate a unique,

patented technology to virtually eliminate the risk of entry by picking, drilling or otherwise manipulating the lock. Additionally, the keys can only be made at authorized Medeco dealers and only with the proper identification, giving you complete control over who gets a copy of your house key.

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